What's up with the name change?

Customers who have been shopping with us for a while might be wondering, why did VetInternetCo.com become VIC.Pharmacy?

The reason for the name change is that our Prescription Pharmacy department has now been approved by the NABP .Pharmacy program.

This rigorous program certifies that we are a licensed pharmacy dispensing prescription drugs in accordance with United States law and industry best practices. The .pharmacy domain name provides an easy way to identify appropriate, certified online pharmacy websites. We are proud to be a part of this important and exciting program!

We look forward to continuing to serve our customers to the highest standard.

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Want a Dog That Can Hunt Lions? Try the Basenji

Basenji dog

Looking for a smaller dog that is tough as nails?  One who will bond with only one person and not take off with any stranger that comes by?  Then the Basenji may make a great fit.   

The Basenji is an ancient breed that is believed to predate the modern breeds of the 19th century.  The modern Basenji hails from central Africa and was bred to hunt lions

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VetInternetCo.com is a family-owned, independent business based in beautiful North Alabama. Our staff has over 32 years experience in the pet field, with a consulting veterinarian on staff, and we know what cutting edge products will keep your pet happy and healthy.

We want to be your trusted source four our best-selling products like Ulcergard, Dasuquin, Royal Canin, Vetoquinol products like Viralys and Azodyl, Phycox, Synovi G3, AKC Calm Coat, Malaseb, C.E.T. Chews and other dental needs, Frontline, and more.

Vitamins and supplements, medicated shampoos and skin care, stress relief and support for dogs, cats and horses—these are just a sampling of the veterinary medical products we have to offer.

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