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Are People Really Giving Fiji Water to their Pets?

Mr. Foo the Cat Drinking Fiji Water

We can't say for sure on a large scale, but anecdotally—yes! As people are becoming more conscious about what they're putting in our own bodies, it's only natural that we start to think about our pets as well. For years, many of our bestselling dog foods, such as Orijen, Acana, and Blue Buffalo, have been those that emphasize natural, organic ingredients and whole proteins. But how many times have we refilled our dogs' bowls with unfiltered tap water?

Congestive Heart Failure in the Dog

Sleepy Dog

Is your dog sleeping more than usual? Is your small dog suddenly coughing, especially after that nap or following the least bit of exertion? Has your dog had problems with his dental health in the past?  Then your pet could be suffering from congestive heart failure which is a leading cause of death in older, especially smaller breeds of dogs.

Healing Your Turtle's Broken Shell

Cracks or injuries to your turtle's shell are nothing to ignore. Even a small crack or tear can turn into a serious infection. Always check with your veterinarian on any injuries your turtle might sustain. Here is how a veterinarian may treat your turtle and get her back on her feet.

Traditional wound management in turtles, or chelonians, has generally consisted of surgical wound debridement by a veterinarian (removal of the dead tissue), followed by topical and systemic administration of antibiotics.

Is that a Tapeworm Crawling Out of Your Dog or Cat?

Have you noticed a flat half-inch long worm or longer crawling from your dog or cat's anal area or have you noticed what appears to be dried rice or cucumber seeds on the coat of your pet in the perineal area (body area surrounding the anal, and vaginal openings)?   Then your pet may be suffering from an infection with tapeworms.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Ever wonder what all the hype is about concerning Probiotics and Prebiotics? Confused about what health claims are fact and what is fiction concerning this new natural supplement? Not sure what the difference is between a probiotic and a prebiotic?

Want a Dog That Can Hunt Lions? Try the Basenji

Basenji dog

Looking for a smaller dog that is tough as nails?  One who will bond with only one person and not take off with any stranger that comes by?  Then the Basenji may make a great fit.   

The Basenji is an ancient breed that is believed to predate the modern breeds of the 19th century.  The modern Basenji hails from central Africa and was bred to hunt lions

Are there Hookworms in My Dog?

Is your puppy anemic?  Does your dog appear to be losing weight? Is your pet’s hair coat dull and thinning?  Have you noticed that your dog’s bowl movements are dark and tarry?  Then your pet may be suffering from a hookworm infection. 

Hookworms are small thread-like worms that suck blood from the small intestinal tract of infected pets.  The most common types of hookworms infecting dogs include Ancylostoma caninum, Ancylostoma braziliense, and Uncinaria stenocephala

English Bulldogs: Medical Problems You Should Know About

English Bulldog sprawled out in humorous fashion

The English or British Bulldog is an old breed of dog originally developed on the British Isles. Ancient Mastiffs from Asia are believed to have been used to establish the core of the breed.  The early Mastiffs were known for their ferocity and their ability to bring down aggressive prey.  The first English Bulldogs were bred in the 13th century for “Bull baiting” and dog fighting.  The goal was to develop a breed that was nearly insensitive to pain.

Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie): A Small Dynamo with Attitude

Yorkie in a Tux

Looking for a self-confident small dog with attitude?  Not ready to retire to the couch, the Yorkshire terrier is emotionally secure and a regular dynamo around the house.  In direct contrast to the pampered house pet we think of today, the Yorkshire terrier or the “Yorkie” as they are fondly referred to, were developed in Yorkshire England back in the 19th century.  The breed was originally developed to catch rats in clothing mills. 

The Best Ways to Treat Ear Mites in Dogs and Cats

Is your cat or dog constantly scratching at its ears or shaking its head?  Do the ears contain a dark brown to black crusty discharge that resembles coffee grounds, yet has a waxy consistency?   Does your pet have a hot spot below one of its ears?   Then your cat or dog could be suffering from an infestation secondary to an infectious mite called Otodectes cynotis, more commonly referred to as ear mites.

Is Silver Sulfadiazine Cream a Good Choice for Treating Wounds in Horses?

Ascend Silver Sulfadiazine Cream 50 g

Looking for the perfect ointment to treat your horse’s wound with? Silver Sulfadiazine Cream (SSD), long used for the treatment of minor burns is finding new life as a topical wound dressing in the horse. No cream is perfect but silver sulfadiazine cream does have a lot of advantages.

Feline Hyperthyroidism

Do you have an older cat that is losing weight, yet has a ravenous appetite? Is your cat vomiting on a regular basis? Then your cat could be suffering from Feline hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroid disorders may also increase energy levels and cause irritability. It is the second most common endocrine disorder in cats.

Inappropriate Urination in Cats

Has your cat suddenly decided to use the dirty laundry as a litter box? Maybe your cat was belligerent and backed up to the wall, spraying right in front of you. Then again, you may have been on the receiving end of an unacceptable litter box gift on your pillow. Regardless of the circumstances, your cat may be trying to bring a medical or behavioral problem to your attention.


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