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Help the Special Feline in Your Life with Viralys Lysine

Many cats suffer from feline herpes virus type 1 (FHV-1) without their owners even being aware. Viralys Lysine Oral Gel or Viralys Powder for cats may be the solution to your kitty’s problems.

As stated above, many owners do not even know their cats are infected with feline herpes. You may believe your cat merely caught a cold due to symptom similarities: watery eyes, frequent sneezing, swollen eyes, eye and nose discharge, loss of appetite, and lethargy. These can all be signs of feline herpes. Most cats are exposed to this virus at least once in their lives and it is highly contagious. Your veterinarian can determine whether your cat has been infected with feline herpes with lab tests.

Viralys Lysine Oral Gel and Viralys Lysine Powder are both very effective ways to lessen the pain and decrease the severity of symptoms associated with feline herpes. These products contain an essential amino acid that suppresses symptoms and recurrence. Viralys Lysine products were developed specifically for cats and are administered orally.

Dosage amounts will depend on whether you’re caring for a kitten or an adult cat. Viralys Lysine Oral Gel and Powder both are very palatable and enjoyable for your cat. If you believe your cat may be suffering from feline herpes, talk to your veterinarian today about trying Viralys Lysine Oral Gel or Viralys Powder!

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