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Cerumene Ear Cleaning Liquid For Dogs & Cats - 4 oz

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Trusted for over 25 years, safer than saline, an effective ear cleaner that penetrates wax barriers and cleans out debris. Clinically shown to be useful even in ruptured tympanic membranes. Cerumene Ear Cleaning Liquid for Dogs and Cats may be used prior to otic medication or as part of a complete grooming regimen.

Directions for use: To help soften and loosen earwax accumulation and to aid in its removal by water flushing, fill the ear canal with Cerumene and gently massage for several minutes. Excess may be removed with cotton or paper towel. Use a small bulb syringe to flush gently and thoroughly with clean warm water and dry by blotting. When used routinely (once or twice a month), Cerumene helps prevent earwax accumulation.

Precautions: The product is not an ear medication and is intended only for cleaning usage as indicated. If pain, redness, rash or irritation develops, or if infection occurs, discontinue use and contact your veterinarian.

Ingredients: Contains Squalane 25% in an Isopropyl Myristate-Liquid Petrolatum Base.

For Veterinary Use Only Store At Room Temperature

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