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C.E.T. Flurafom Topical Fluoride Foam

Fluoride foam for use in cats and dogs.

Provides quick and thorough fluoride ion penetration to help strengthen and protect tooth enamel. Contains 1.23% acidulated phosphate fluoride in a foam delivery system for use in cats and dogs following dental procedures.

• Fluoride treatment for in-clinic use in conjunction with routine professional dental procedures to: • Desensitize exposed dentin • Strengthen tooth enamel • Inhibit plaque formation • Stimulate remineralization of tooth enamel • Acidulated phosphate fluoride in foam delivery system achieves quick and thorough fluoride ion penetration when applied to dog’s or cat’s teeth. • Strengthens permanent tooth enamel. May be applied when a dog or cat is spayed or neutered (at around 6 months of age). • Easy-to-use foam delivery system. Simply apply foam evenly to upper and lower rows of teeth, one side at a time. Wipe off after 1 to 3 minutes.

Available in 5.5 fl oz container.


Shake vigorously. Gently press nozzle. Apply FluraFom on the upper and lower row of teeth, one side at a time. Evenly distribute the foam over all tooth surfaces. Allow 1-3 minutes for foam to dissipate and remove any remaining foam with dry gauze pad or cloth. Avoid food and water for 30 minutes after treatment.


1.23% Fluoride (from sodium fluoride and hydrogen fluoride) in a Phosphoric Acid Foam at pH 3.0- 3.4.

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