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Clenz-a-dent PlaqueOff Food Additive - 40g

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  • Plaque off
  • Contains the seaweed ascophyllum nodosum
  • Reduces the formation of dental plaque
  • Reduces tartar
  • Reduces bad breath

Clenz-a-dent PlaqueOff contains Ascophyllum nodosum, a seaweed which acts naturally to decrease tartar and bad breath. I's extremely easy to use and offers incredible results on plaque and bad breath. Results are visible within 3 to 8 weeks on average.


Administer on food once a day. Clenz-a-dent Plaque Off is palatable and can be sprinkled on wet or dry petfood. Can be used in a protocol with other Clenz-a-dent products for effective home dental care.


Purified Ascophyllum Nodosum D1070 (seaweed). Additive-free, preservative-free, sugar-free, gluten-free. Rich in natural iodine.

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