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Cosequin Equine Powder

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Regardless of age, breed or discipline, the stress of everyday riding, training, and competition may result in wear and tear to articular cartilage, eventually affecting joint function and performance of the equine athelete.

Joint function and health can be supported in your horse with the administration of Cosequin, the number one veterinarian recommended joint health supplement brand.

Body Weight Initial Period 2-4 Weeks Economical Long-Term Administration
Under 600 lbs 2 scoops in AM & 2 scoops in PM 1 scoop daily
600 - 1200 lbs 3 scoops in AM & 3 scoops in PM 1-2 scoops daily
Over 1200 lbs 4 scoops in AM & 4 scoops in PM 2 scoops daily

Each 3.3 Grams (1 Level Scoop) Contains: Manganese* minimum - 16 mg Glucosamine Hydrochloride minimum - 1,800 mg Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate minimum - 600 mg

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