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Effitix Topical Solution for Dogs

  • 5-10.9 lbs
  • 11-22.9 lbs
  • 23-44.9 lbs
  • 45-88.9 lbs
  • 89-132 lbs
  • 3 count
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For convenient, quick-acting, long-lasting, effective control of fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and lice. EFFITIX® Topical Solution for Dogs contains the active ingredients fipronil and permethrin, which control infestations caused by fleas, ticks and lice; repel against biting flies, and repel and kill mosquitoes. Convenient to use, easy-to-apply topical solution that is quick-acting, long-lasting and starts working on contact. For easy and convenient application, EFFITIX Topical Solution for Dogs is available for puppies and dogs 8 weeks old or older and in 5 dose sizes for dogs from 5 to 132 lbs.

For use only on dogs 8 weeks of age or older. Do not use on cats.

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