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Inject-N Clean Tool & Injection Bottle Kit

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It goes where the pee goes!

Sick of dealing with lingering odors of pet pee on/under your carpet? Did you know topical cleaning will NEVER reach those odors under your carpet safely? The Inject N Clean - a NEW TOOL for your favorite odor eliminator will SAFELY get rid of pet pee odors by delivering the cleaner UNDER your carpet! Pair your favorite odor eliminator with the Inject N Clean and together combined will make your home smell fresh and urine ODOR FREE again!

Use the Inject-N Clean Applicator by inserting the tip into your carpet and lifting up.

  • It goes where the pee goes!
  • TOOL for your FAVORITE Odor Eliminator!
  • Simple to use!
  • Tool is safely inserted through carpet to effectively deodorize carpet backing and pad - where 80% of pet odors exist .
  • An innovative, comprehensive solution for pet odors in any carpet.
  • It's like a sanitizing sprinkler UNDER your carpet!
  • Cleaning agent sold separately.
Inject-N Clean
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