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Merial Eprinex Pour-On

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With the highest level of parasite control available, Eprinex® gives you more. More strength. More speed. More productivity.

Eprinex® (eprinomectin) Pour-On is the strongest, most potent parasite control product available and offers the following advantages:

• Broadest spectrum of control, including biting and sucking lice • Fastest acting • Longest lasting • Zero meat withdrawal • Weatherproof formulation • Odorless • Non-flammable • Zero milk withdrawal

Parasites can reduce weight gain. However, trials have shown that treatment with Eprinex can increase weight gains. In one trial, at day 110, yearling cattle treated with Eprinex had gained 260 lbs. This was significantly more (P<0.05) than the 237.2 lbs gained by animals treated with Dectomax® (doramectin). This weight-gain advantage continued through the end of the trial.

Eprinex is indicated for the treatment and control of: • Gastrointestinal roundworms, including inhibited Ostertagia ostertagi • Lungworms • Grubs • Sucking and biting lice • Chorioptic and Sarcoptic mange mites • Horn flies


Ivomec® Eprinex® Pour-On for Beef/Dairy Cattle is formulated only for external application to beef and dairy cattle. The dose rate is 1 ml/10 kg (22 lb) of body weight.


5 mg eprinomectin/ml

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