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Pro Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel

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Stop diarrhea in dogs and cats caused by stress, antibiotics, or change in diet with Pro-Pectalin Gel.

Pro-Pectalin introduces helpful bacteria to restore the natural balance in your pet's intestines, along with kaolin clay and fruit pectins. Its unique ingredients help stop diarrhea gently and alleviate internal irrirtation.

Katolin clay soothes bowel and intestinal irritation and and absorbs toxins. Pectins, fruit-based fibers, help absorb water and firm stools. Pro-Pectalin's freeze-dried bacteria, Enterococcus Faecium, restores the population of helpful bacteria and reduces other harmful, diarrhea-causing bacteria. Pro-Pectalin Gel will get your pet's intestinal flora back on track.


Give Pro-Pectalin Gel every 8 hours. Give dogs under 10 lbs., 1 cc; 11-30 lbs., 3 cc; 30-60 lbs., 5 cc; over 60 lbs., 8 cc. Give cats 1 cc.


Kaolin, Soy Oil, Pectin, Silicon Dioxide, Encapsulated Dried Enterococus faecium Fermentation Product, Powered Sugar, Chicken Flavor, Natural and Artificial Flavors

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